8 Indian Beers You Should Try To Make Your Weekend Epic

By | August 11, 2018
Indian Beers

The love for beer has truly evolved over time. Here are top 8 underrated Beers you must try. Bottoms up!

Indian Beers:


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A local beer, the main focus is on quality ingredients, and we’re glad there are some serious beer players in the game.

#A Big Can Of Yellow

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This beer is a refreshing citrus-happy product. It’s great paired with pretty much anything.

#Kalyani Black Label

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Light, clear and hugely underappreciated.

#Witty Bro

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As the name suggests, this is a wheat beer, and it’s slowly gaining a fan following.

#White Rhino

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This beer has a unique taste that’s slowly been gaining favor with the Indian population.


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This one is surprisingly smooth.

#Bro Code

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A high alcohol content and a focus on the essentials is always the key to a good time. This Indian beer is slowly hitting the big time.

#Hit Beer

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Danny Denzongpa makes beer! It might have a bitter finish, but by the time you’ve had the second mug, you won’t even notice.

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