7 Facts About Deja Vu That Might Seem Familiar

By | July 24, 2018
facts about deja vu

Deja Vu is a feeling that everything happening has already taken place. It is basically a French word that means “Already seen”. Most of us must’ve had this experience at least once in our lifetime. Here are few facts about Deja Vu:


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In many cases, people claim Deja Vu as a dream they once had, and it’s coming true.

#Age Factor

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Various studies lead to a belief that the number of times Deja Vu occur drops down considerably after the age of 25.

#Parallel Universe

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You have read and heard about the concept of the parallel universe. Some researchers claim that Deja Vu is the experience people have in an alternate universe.

#Types Of Deja Vu

12 Facts About Deja Vu That Might Seem Familiar

There are two types to this strange phenomenon. Deja Entendu means “already heard” and Deja Vecu means “already lived”.

#Memory Checker

12 Facts About Deja Vu That Might Seem Familiar

Many scientists claim Deja Vu as a memory checker. If you get it more often, your memory is working perfectly.


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Some facts even suggest that it is a temporary glitch or breakdown from reality.


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They experience it more than other people. It is because travelers see beautiful and noticeable places.


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