7 Erogenous Zones In A Woman’s Body That Turns Her On

By | February 16, 2018

The right touch for kissing is easier said than done. Bad kissing can completely kill the mood, or worse. If your kiss is too light, you might tickle her. And of course, if you simply aren’t making her feel good, you will bore her, and she will be turned off.

Here Is The List Of 10 Erogenous Zones In A  Woman’s Body That Turns Her On:

#1 Lips

lip kiss

A woman’s skin is quite sensitive, and this is especially true around the lips. Smooching, French kissing, tongue action, no matter what you want to call it, kissing on the lips is essential.


#2 Neck

neck kiss

Neck is full of nerve endings and you can turn her on by touching it with your hands,lips and tongue. You know she likes you to start at her neck there’s a certain vulnerability that drives her wild.


#3 Ears

They’re a great spot for kissing. Gently suck on her earlobe and run your tongue behind her ear. Be careful though, loud breathing or kissing noises directly into the ear are not sexy at all. Most women are quite sensitive to auditory stimulation.


#4 Collarbone

collarbone kiss

This is the area where her neck meets her chest and shoulder. Kiss just above the bone, and down from the base of the neck onto her shoulder. Soft kisses with minimal suction are best here.


#5 Nipples

nipples kiss

Sucking on her nipples releases the hormone oxytocin, strong groping and sucking might feel amazing to woman and can drive her crazy.


#6 Fingers

finger kiss

Fingertips have a huge concentration of nerve endings. When you suck and lick her fingers, she gets an idea of your oral skills.


#7 Front to back


If you’re sitting behind her or she’s lying down on her stomach, there are still great places to kiss her.

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