7 Cool Benefits Of Dating A Tomboy. How Are They Better ?

By | February 3, 2018

Guys don’t fall in love with tomboys on first sight.Later guys discover there are benefits  of dating a tomboy.

 Here Is A List Of 7 Cool Benefits Of Dating A Tomboy

1. Low Maintenance

dating a tomboyShe doesn’t take time to get ready.If you ask her to meet up, she will put on jeans and t-shirt and she is good to go.

2. Doesn’t Drag You For Shopping

dating a tomboyShe will never take an hour to chose the perfect outfit,because she hates shopping as much as guys do.

3. Doesn’t Have Drama

dating a tomboyShe doesn’t nag or show emotional drama.She is repelled by drama as much guys are.Take it or leave it.

4.Easy To Hang Out With

dating a tomboyGuys don’t have to put effort to impress her on dates.She is down to earth and you can relax like you would with your friends.

5.Friends Before Lovers, And After

dating a tomboyShe apart from being a good girlfriend is an awesome.Even if things won’t work out between both you can still be friends,unlike your previous ex-girlfriends.

6.Can Kick Your Ass At Your Own Forte

dating a tomboyTomboys are usually pretty sporty.So, in case your interests are sports,video games,bikes you will have fun with her.

7.Surprisingly Hot When She Decides To Dress Up

dating a tomboyJust because she does not put effort to get ready,doesn’t means she is not sexy.On the rarest occasions when she gets ready, you are blown away by how beautiful your cute girlfriend is.

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