5 Things To Relate With,If You Have Always Been Single

By | February 15, 2018
always been single

Nowadays  love is in the air. But a few people haven’t been in a relationship yet. Single hood is their comfort space.Some are happy singles ,some are not.There a few things to relate with ,if you have always been single. Life of a single person is as difficult as that of a committed person.

Here Is A List Of 5 Things To Relate With,If You Have Always Been Single

1.You don’t need anyonealways been single

You are independent AF.You don’t need anyone’s support to lead your life.

2.Yes you have faced heartbreak.always been single

“At least you have never faced heart break” they say.But being single does not mean you have never loved someone.Its just that you can’t expect that person to love you.

3.”It will happen soon”  gives no happiness 

always been singleIt will happen soon,but when.You have already waited for quite long.Now the wait irritates you.

4.You are the third wheel.

always been single

You always accompany your committed friends wherever they go.You sometime feel awkward and bored too.

5.Your friends always try to set up.always been single


You friends are more upset on the fact that you are single than even you are.So they always keep putting effort.So that you can join their commitment group.

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