5 Sex Positions That Are More Pain Than Fun

By | February 6, 2018
painful sex positions

Sex is beautiful. But there are a few sex positions that more pain than fun.

Here Is The List Of 5 Of The Sex Positions That Are More Pain Than Fun

#Doggy style

sex positions that are more pain than pleasure

How is it done: A person stoops over on hands and knees, or lies on their abdomen for sex.

Why is it dangerous: Adjusting the positioning is important  because if penetration is done forcefully at the wrong angle, there may be vaginal tearing. The penis can  also go into the anus, and  can lead to anal tearing as well.

#Oral Sex( also called 69 )

sex positions that are more pain than fun

How is it done: This activity involves the stimulation of the genitalia of a person by another person using the lips, tongue or teeth or throat.

Why is it dangerous: It can get risky if you or your partner have mouth ulcers, gum infections or genital sores.It can also result in pink eye.People may get infected chlamydial conjunctivitis if the partner ejaculates in the eye.


sex positions that are more pain than fun

How is it done: The female lies on her back with the male on top with his face  facing her.

Why is it dangerous: The penis rubbing against the urethra can cause urinary tract infections. If the woman has a short vaginal canal, she might suffer from severe cervical bruising.

#Reverse Cowgirl

sex positions that are more pain than fun

How is it done: Regular Cowgirl is a woman on top, facing her lover.But reverse cowgirl involves intercourse with the female on top, facing away from her partner.

Why is it dangerous: Reverse cowgirl triggers the majority of “cracks” to the penis. A woman on top is potentially the riskiest sexual position and can cause penile fractures.

#The Lap Dance

painful sex positions

How is it done: The man sits on the chair while the woman sits on the man.

Why is it dangerous: It can actually happen that the woman might fall off the man and bust her head open.

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