5 Pieces Of Advice That Makes No Sense

By | February 5, 2018
advice that makes no sense

We all have been given advice,but a few advice makes no sense that we all hear.

Here Are 5 Pieces Of Advice That Makes No Sense But We All Have Been Given.

1.Keep quiet while elders are talking.

advice that makes no sense

We have been always taught to give our opinion.So why keep quiet before elders.This advice makes no sense at all.

2. Bas 12th mai mehnat karlo, fir life is easy.

advice that makes no senseThis advice is a big lie,as most of the difficulties start after school life.

3.Parents always know what’s best for their child.

advice that makes no senseAlthough parents love their child the most.But no one can know everything. It isn’t possible for them to know about things that weren’t even in existence during their younger days.

4. Honesty is the always the best policy.

advice that makes no sense

Honesty is not always the best policy.Sometimes it may hurt a person’s feeling.It should never be given when the person is at a vulnerable position.

5.Having a child will solve all the marital issues

advice that makes no sense

If you have issues in in your married a life,having a child will make it more complicated.A child along with it brings a lot of responsibilities and bringing it in adisturbed marriage can over complicate things.

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