5 Life Lesson only the Fear of Exams Could Take us

By | February 14, 2018

No matter how well prepared  for the exams.There is always some fear when exams used to come. But believed or not we learnt a great lesson during the exams.

1.”Fear is an illusion”

Fear is the energy that contracts and destroys you, while love is the energy that develops and builds you.we also Fear at time of exams.But we should not fear instead of fearing we should face that problems.

2.”A Friend in need

Is a friend indeed”

A friend is of much importance for everyone especially in the bad times. Actually, we know the truth about a friend in our bad times when we really need them and their help.But we should not depend on friends or even friend shouldn’t help other friends on time of exams.

friends in need

3.”Trust no one

But Yourself”:

Trust no one but yourself. Each and every person who allows you to vent to them – no matter how long you have known them, no matter how close you feel to them, and especially if they are family, we shouldnot trust anyone in life,if are not knowing him by correctly.

trust no one

4. Tough times never last,

   But Tough people do”

Problems, difficulties and hardships are a part of everyone’s life. Yet, some people handle them better than others. They have developed a mental toughness that allows them to push through hard situations and successfully face adversity. Usually both comes on life.Instead of afraid we must solve this and even tackle this.

 Fear of Exams

5. “Once you choose hope”

    Everything is possible”

We all have choices in our life. These choices help us determine our present and future. Sure you can choose grumpy, despair, pity, bad hair day… but you can also choose happy, hopeful, going to conquer this meeting, grateful… Keep in mind that whatever you choice, that is exactly what you will get for your day.


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