5 Food Combinations People don’t know they are Dangerous

By | February 20, 2018

we all are very crazy to eat Specially Fast food.Either a busy day at the office or we are just feeling down and find a reason to eat a fast food.Instead of ordering healthy food we all try and eat healthy and say “no” to ordering dessert at dinner, it may not be enough.Here are some food combination which people don’t know they are  Dangerous.

1st combinations of food is Egg with Bacon

As we know that Egg contain a high amount of protein and bacon is something which gives a fat.  something that gives an instant energy boost as soon as you eat it and this energy will vanish very soon, leaving you lethargic.so it is very Dangerous to have egg combination with bacon

Dangerous Food Combinations

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2nd combinations of food is Burger and Fries

Usually when we go at any fast food center we mostly order Burger with fries,as we know it is right combination too.As both contain huge amount of fat which decrease the blood sugar level and which causes you to fell sleepy. so it is avoided from diet specialist to avoid and very Dangerous to have Burger with fries.

Dangerous Food Combinations

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3rd combinations of food is Pizza and Soda

As pizza is very likely by eat teenagers ,when we go to had a pizza at any places when often had pizza with some drinks either it is coca or soda.but as  diet specialist avoid to take pizza which both contain starch and proteins and which gets lots of time to digest.and both soda and pizza is a highly acidic which causes heaviness and bloating.so it is dangerous combination of food.

Dangerous Food Combinations

4th combinations of food is Muffins and Juice

There is another combination of food which we usually have at breakfast This meal  have both  protein and fiber  and when you start your day for excess carbohydrates, which will kick your blood sugar but it will crash soon. so it is suggested don’t  to take muffins and juice together which is  also  Dangerous Food Combinations.

Dangerous Food Combinations

  5th combination of food is Tomatoes in Pasta

As we know that this sample of food is not good for health.Pasta contain starchy which is difficult to digest. and The tomatoes which are highly acidic cause hindrance in the digestion of starch and cause bloating.so that is it is avoided or suggested don’t to take this combination of food , and it is very Dangerous Food Combinations

Dangerous Food Combinations

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