Everyday Habits We Need To Teach The Younger Generation

By | February 23, 2018
Habits of Younger Generation

We all know that  good habits are cultivated at a young age.The importance of good habits lies in the fact that if you if you practice good habits, it will take form of your character and vice versa. Habits of Younger Generation are :-

1.  Not getting access to clean drinking water is one of the most prominent reasons why kids get sick. Especially in metros where the water table is badly polluted, we need to ensure that not just the kids, but we all drink clean water.

ensure Habits of Younger Generation

source Mapping Megan

2. We often tend to overlook dental hygiene which comes to bite us in the back in the long run too. We need to teach the kids that if they start taking care of their teeth early, it will save them a lot of time and money later.

ensure Habits of Younger Generation

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3. Kids tend to follow what they see, rather than what they’re told. So ditch the 5-second rule from your life. If something falls down, it’s dirty, no matter for how long it’s been there.

ensure Habits of Younger Generation

source The Indian Sun

4. while we need to make sure the kids are always safe and sound, that doesn’t mean they have to cut down on play time. An active lifestyle is very important for a child’s growth and that is something that we should never compromise on. After all, if they won’t, who will?

ensure Habits of Younger Generation

source ZME Science

5. Do make sure to teach the kids about washing their hands before and after every meal or whenever their hands come in contact with anything dirty.

ensure Habits of Younger Generation

source SafeGard Classes Online

6.Unclean sanitation is another overlooked reason why younger ones get infected. It can eliminate a lot of unwanted diseases if we make it a point to keep the toilets clean and hygienic.

ensure Habits of Younger Generation

source – worldbank

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