5 Awesome Reasons To Shout Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai This V Day

By | February 13, 2018

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day.Instead of doing mushy stuff.Let’s shout Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai this V Day on the streets. Love may be the best feeling.But it is the most stupid too. Love breaks the heart into pieces.Being single is so much better than a crappy relationship.

Here Are 5 Awesome Reasons To Shout Pyar Ek Dhoka Hai This V Day.

1 .You get to save your money.pyar ek dhoka hai

You work hard all around the year.If you are committed,then you will spend your entire savings.Spending your savings in a single  week  is stupid.This person may not even be with you next valentine’s.But the money will.

2.You save yourself from the mushiness.pyar ek dhoka hai

At the start everything seems sweet. Later,it starts irritating you.The over sensitivity. “Babe what u eating ” ? “You love me na” ? “Babe I miss you so much”. This may drive you paranoid.This is useless stuff. Just meant to irritate you.

3.Safe from the pressure of sex 

pyar ek dhoka hai

The sex and intimacy routine becomes regular. There are times you cant keep your hands off each other.But some times you (mostly girls) find it cheap or clingy.You already have discovered each others body.And sometimes the bond even lessens after sex.You start to lose the interest (may be because of other reasons). But the other person will blame you for using them.

4.You become independent.

pyar ek dhoka hai

In a relationship equality is rare to find.There is always some who will dominate you.Someone who will impose decisions on you.A person who will authority over your life. This will make you miss the “old and independent” you.

5.You save yourself from mess.

pyar ek dhoka hai

Only 10% of the relationship lasts a lifetime.When a relationship ends it brings a lot of pain.Some one always gets the blame.Your partner is source of happiness in your life.But a breakup changes everything. All the love, attention, care and romance goes down the drain.And a sweet bond turns sour.

Be Sakht and Shout Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai !!!

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