13 Street Food Of India That Will Make You Run For A Bite!

By | May 15, 2018
street food of India

Yummy Street Food Of India Everyone Must Try

Street food is popular all over the world, be it a hot dog or pani puri. But nothing can beat the simple yet exotic flavors of Indian street food, different and our all-time favorite. No outing is ever complete without some street foods.

Here are a few delicious street foods from all over India that you simply cannot say no to:

#Lakhanpur de Bhalle

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A fried snack made from pulses which are best served with shredded radish and green chutney.

#Chhole Bhature

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Chhole bhature taste best when served hot, they are yummy and filing.

#Aloo Tikki

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Curd, red and green chutney, namkeen and pomegranate seeds, aloo tikki is a must try. ‘Aaloo Tikki’ well served with spicy green peas curry and sweet – sour chutneys.

#Tunday Kababi and Galouti Kebabs

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Exceptionally soft and succulent till the core is what makes these kebabs all-time beloveds.

#Litti Chokha

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A spicy curry or chokha made from brinjal or mashed potato is served with Litti or bread made from grams, is well enjoyed with a spoonful of ghee.


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Tangy spicy red sauce and steaming hot dumplings loaded with veggies or chicken is something that we just cannot resist while walking past the stall on road.


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Golgappe or Paani Puri whatever the name be, when it comes to these spicy delights almost every day finds it difficult to resist themselves.


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The semi puffed pooris with the sweetness of curd and tangy chutney are the perfect way to treat yourself.

#Chow Mein

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There was a time in 90’s when every next food stall had lines of people waiting for scoops of these noodles on their plate.


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This crunchy treat stuffed with hot gravy and spicy chutneys will certainly keep you longing for more once you step out of Bikaner.

#Vada Pav

Street Food Of India Vada Pav

Neatly placed between buns with spicy powder and chutney is the secret of the amazing taste of this Indian burger.

#Pav Bhaji

Street Food Of India Pav Bhaji

A mixture of veggies with a few drops of lime to go with the pav dipped in butter is the most delicious street food of India, especially in winters.

#Egg Rolls

Street Food Of India Egg Rolls

Hot and delicious egg rolls are mouth-watering tasty snacks sold on the street sides of India.

The slightly spicy and tangy aroma of this local street foods will make you run for A bite!


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