10 Typical Situations We’ve All Been In

By | January 30, 2018

No matter how different people might be, there are situations we have all faced at least once in our lives.

Let’s figure out:

1. When you’re mad at your babe but still want to hold hands

angry lover

I still love you !!

2. T-shirts I own: 70, T-shirts I wear: 10 and T-shirts I’ll throw away: 0


I just need them.

3. When you miss someone’s call and call back in 0.44734563 seconds but they don’t answer


Life is hard.

4. When you wash all the dishes and notice a small detail at the end


You’re like, I hate my life.

5. We all know “the chair.”


I own three. LOL !

6. Opening your eyes after washing your hair for 2 seconds because a demon could be watching you

This is the reason for taking a bath very quickly.

7. When you’re out eating and the table behind you is being loud

Image result for When you’re out eating and the table behind you is being loud

One more word and you’re dead.

8. When you wake up in the middle of the night and realize you still have time to sleep

baby sleep

I’m loving it.

9. Why is it always so hard to separate from the plastic?


Ahhhhh.. not again!!!

10. Every time I open a Swiss roll

Swiss roll

They need a glue.

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