10 Types Of Couples We All Meet

By | February 3, 2018
types of couple

There are different types of couples we all meet.Which one are you?

Here is the list of 10 Types Of Couples We All Meet

1.The Possessive Couple

types of couples


” I can’t share you with anybody else, baby!” It means you can’t go anywhere with anyone.


2.The Couple Who Denies

types of coupleThe couple who may be dating for ages but will never agree to it.


3.The Friends With “Benefits” Couple

types of coupleThey are there for the sake of it and for the pleasure.


3.The Koochie-Koo Couple

types of coupleThe mushy-mushy couples who are annoying with their sweet little pumpkins and koochie-koo all the type.


4.The Confused Couple

types of couple

This is on and off type of couple.They break up one day and patch up another night.


5.The P.D.A Couple

types of coupleLet the whole world know,see and feel their love.


6.The Fight Club Couple

types of couple

The couple who is always ready to fight.They are always up for some heated conversations!


7.The Bachpan ka Pyar Wala Coupletypes of couple

It feels like they were dating since they were born.


8.The Age Gap Couple

types of coupleAge is just a number.When you love someone nothing else matters.


9.The Sharmeela Couple

types of coupleThese couple like their own personal space and prefer to blush in front of others.


10.The Perfect Couple

types of couple

Rare to find.Blessed to be.

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