10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kinnars

By | February 27, 2018

Stories centered around kinnars, or Eunuchs are always a matter of curiosity, since we hardly know anything about the third gender of India, but you’ll be startled to know certain facts about kinnars that you were never aware of!.

#Kinnars worship the Ardhanarishvara form of Lord shiva

 Ardhanarishvara source: Flickr

Ardhanarishvara form of Shiva, in which half of the God is a woman indicates Shiva as united with his female creative power, shakti.

#They can foretell future

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Their gurus are believed to have been blessed with the quality of clairvoyance. They can perceive events in the future.

#Ever wondered how a new Kinnar is created?

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The ceremony ‘Nirvana’ includes the process of emasculation, in which the penis and testicles of the physiological male is removed.

#What did they do for living, in older times

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In olden days, kinnars used to work as women servant apart from performing on weddings and occasions. They were kept as trusted life guards in female areas and some even become generals in Mughal armies.

#Their origin dates back to the ancient times

kinnars during ancientsource: WittyFeed

Evidence of kinnars dates back to thousand of years in Mahabharata as well as in Islam, where eunuchs served in harems of Mughal rulers.

#They pray for forgiveness when they happen to foresee their death

 cremation in kinnarssource: Stylewhack

They consider their birth as a kinnar, the result of their sins, that’s why they pray for forgiveness so they are not born as a Eunuch in their next birth.

#A superstitious belief

facts about kinnars source: Daily Mail

It is believed that Kinnars take the host’s luck away if turned empty-handed from a wedding or a celebration.

#Their cremation is a very private affair

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Some say that a funeral ceremony is a sober moment for them which is mostly carried out during night this is one of the lesser know facts about kinnars.

#The annual festival of Kinnars

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Koovagam is a small village where the annual festival of Kinnar takes place. On the occasion of Chithirai Pournami, Kinners experience the ceremony of marriage which is then, followed by widowhood.

#Hindu or Islam

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It is believed that most of their ceremonies originally have their roots in Hindu religion, but major aspects of their social structure are from Islam and the majority of their leaders and gurus are Muslims.

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