10 Things To Remember Why It Was Awesome Growing up in the 90’s

By | January 24, 2018
90's kids

Here are some of the coolest things 90’s kids will remember, that’ll take you a trip down the memory lane.

Turn the clock back and lets go back to our childhood.

1. This Was Your World Before Mp3’s.

90's kids


2. You Loved The Smell Of The Ink.

90's kids


3. Terrace. “ab thik hai?”

90's kid


4. Really cool pens. Isn’t it?

90's kid


5. This was the best time pass.

90's kid


6. Hardest game you ever played.

90's kid


7. Our backpacks. LOL 90's kids


8. Remembered the Writing Boards and you hated the smell.90's kid


9. Our art gallery.90's kids


10. Champak Ki Kahaniya.

90's kid

90’s kids will go back and remember these stuffs they had used.

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