10 Things Only You Will Find In India!

By | February 13, 2018

As Indians, we’re taught to live in harmony with others and to be honest, we have no other way around. There are a few things that we all do in common and those things define the typical Indian spirit in us.

Let’s find out things we Indians do:

Asking for extra sukhi puri


After finishing our quota of Pani Puri, we shamelessly ask for one extra. It’s our Basic Human Right. We feel happy, when we get something extra and even that for free free free.

Have a distinct term for all relatives


Indians have a distinct term for all relatives and they are not all ‘maternal/paternal aunts/uncles’ or cousins. It’s like ‘Mama ke bete ke saale ka blah blah blah to be continued.

 Bargain shamelessly and with ease

They can bargain for anything, anywhere, anytime! “Bhaiya thoda kam to kar hi sakte ho!!” “kya bahiya pichhli baar bhi to yahi se liya tha.” “Bhaiya na apka na mera chalo itne me hi dedo!!”

Know the joy of eating with hands

They also know the joys of eating sitting down, on the floor. The pleasure of eating food with your own hands is something different and if your mother is feeding you with her hands that is something we all love the most (Maa ka pyar).


Things Indians Do

The Digital India no actually it’s The Jugaadu India. Something isn’t working or its not available, they will come up with new solution/invention though funny but useful.

Cross a busy road

Things Indians Do

Cross a busy road when you see the Red Light. But we Indians use our Hands as a signal, you have to stop or slow down because its India.

Playing games on roads or Streets


The joy of playing on the streets is something different,we all miss our childhood days, how we use to play on the streets even though vehicles use to run on those streets but somehow we use to manage and continues our game.

Asking for free dhaniya, mirch

 IndiansIt’s our second Human Right the first one as i mentioned earlier, asking for free sukhi puri. After bargaining with the vegetable seller we again ask for free dhaniya or mirchi. The vegetable seller will give you the angry look but he we shamelessly ask him once again.

Know multiple languages


Hindi is not the only language known to us, we know different languages at the same time, because we live in a country with different religions, variety of languages, people.

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