Things Every Modern Indian Girl Needs In Her Life!

By | February 21, 2018
Modern Indian Girl

You are constantly trying to push yourself to do better, to learn and to grow, dealing with heartbreaks and difficult career choices and many more things.

Here are few things that  every modern Indian girl needs in her life:

A strong financial plan

Modern Indian Girl

source: Fidelity Investments

Personal financial planning is one of the significant things in every women’s life. Ask yourself if you are actually aware of your cash flows. Do you earn, just to save? This one seems kind of obvious, but when you plan with a purpose and manage your money effectively, you will actually have money. Every modern Indian girl needs a solid plan to help her save up for your future.

Safety measures

Modern Indian Girl

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Your safety is definitely your first priority. You’re aware of the crimes going outside, you need to be careful, don’t trust blindly, you can use some tracking apps or watches so that if you find yourself in bad situations you can be easily located, after all your safety is in your hands.

A planner

Modern Indian Girl


Your days are hectic and sometimes you forget about certain tasks. If writing things down is bit difficult for you, then try making a note on your phone or laptop calendar or there are also several apps that you can download. This will ensure that you never lose track of the things you need to do.

Someone to lean onModern Indian Girl


Every modern Indian girl needs a close friends who are there for her through thick and thin. Your friends are your support system, they are the ones you turn to when you need advice and they are the ones you can truly count on during your times of need.

A budget set aside to travel

Modern Indian Girl

source: Oh My India

Travelling opens you up to a whole new way of thinking by exposing you to different people and different cultures. Save up a little every month, scour the internet for cheap tickets and great deals on hotels and set off on an adventure.

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