10 Rainy Season Foods You Can Include In Your Diet

By | August 7, 2018
Rainy Season Foods

Tea is one drink that beats all the others when it comes to the monsoon, and whether you are standing on the streets or inside  your home, the combination of rain and tea is sure to improve your mood and give you a very comfortable feeling, and if you add some sizzling hot pakoras or bhajiyas it will give you the complete monsoon feeling. apart from this, there are few rainy season foods you can add to your diet:

Rainy Season Foods:

#Bottle Gourd (लौकी)

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Bottle gourd or lauki is one of the best and healthiest vegetables during this season. It is rich in dietary fiber, iron content and is rich in vitamin B and C, further helping in anti-oxidative actions.

#Bitter Gourd (करेला)

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Apart from bitter taste, it has innumerable benefits. It is a rich source of vitamin C, which helps boost immunity, further helping you to keep fit during this season.

#Pointed Gourd  (परवल)

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These striped green vegetables have many health benefits that can help you keep hale and hearty and get you through this season. Monsoons generally make us prone to cold, cough and headaches; this wonder vegetable helps you with keeping them at bay. It is rich in various antioxidants, Vitamin A and C, which help in boosting the immune system.

#Teasel Gourd (कंटोला)

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Teasel gourd or Kantola is rich in proteins, iron, and fiber, it helps keep your stomach in good shape during the monsoons.

#Garlic (लहसुन) and Ginger (अदरक)

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Along with being a good source of fiber, the crunchy off-white fruit contains a good quantity of copper, vitamin C, and vitamin B12. Pear is a natural antipyretic agent as it helps in cooling the body and thereby easing the fever.

Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic agent too. Turmeric is also known to keep the levels of blood sugar under control. Add turmeric with milk and honey, it will safeguard from monsoon illnesses. Black Pepper is a natural antidote for fever, cough, cold, muscular pain, flu, and various respiratory conditions, black pepper is a must include rainy season food.

#Almonds (बादाम)

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Almonds are packed with various nutrients that are beneficial for your health. It enhances digestive fire, keeps your sugar levels under control and offers a powerful shield from various diseases.

#Apple (सेब) and Pomegranate (अनार)

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Apples contain various elements that offer a good cover from various health conditions and It also good for the digestive system. Pomegranate is packed with vitamins, especially vitamin C, that ensures that the protein in your body is properly metabolized. This, in turn, ensures that your digestive system is healthy and clean.

#Beetroot (चुकंदर)

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Beetroot is packed with the goodness of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and low in calories. A glass of beetroot juice every day will keep you healthy during the monsoon.

Enjoy the monsoon, with these rainy season foods. Stay healthy, eat healthily.

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