10 Important Etiquette Rules To Help You Survive Modern Life

By | January 9, 2018
Important Etiquette Rules

Isn’t a major part of adulthood knowing how to behave like a mature, sensible adult? Unfortunately, as a society, we’ve all forgotten basic etiquette. Here are 10 etiquettes we should start following again:


#Never interrupt a conversation just to make your point



#Always remember to treat people nicely

be polite


#Dosti me no sorry no thank you..but Have the habit of saying ‘thank you’ ‘please’ and ‘sorry’ whenever required

sorry thank you



#If someone isn’t in the mood to talk, don’t constantly nag them.



#Do not talk to speaker whenever you’re in public

speaker on



#Always pay your share of the tab

always share bills


#When someone shows you something on their phone, see and give it back instead of scanning the entire phone.



#Instead of mocking someone for their impaired verbs, try and correct them politely

be polite


#Do not keep looking at your phone while someone is talking to you.

busy with phones



#Do not force your guests to eat more just because you spent a lot of time 

cooking it

cant eat anymore  Important Etiquette Rules




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