Flea Markets In India Where you will Find Awesome Stuff

By | March 24, 2018
Flea Markets In India

Indian markets are unique. No matter at which place they are located or for whatever stuff they are best for, One always needs a little amount of bargaining to procure the best deal.Here are Some List of  Flea Markets In India.

 1. Sarojini Nagar, Delhi 

As Delhi is own fashion hub, Sarojini has the highest Shopping hub in Delhi. In fact it is just the place without which most of the people in Delhi are not be able imagine shopping.

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 2. New Market, Kolkata

It is know as  “Iconic Street Markets in India”.It is a place to shop for garments & accessories, flowers, different food items including raw meat, fish, vegetables and fruits and even spices.

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source ILoveDelhi.in

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source Christmas Celebration

3.Fashion Street, Pune

Fashion Street is one of the popular markets of Pune. It comprises 450 stalls and serves an abundance of shopping needs.

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source Holidify

Image result for fashion street shopping punesource Christmas Celebration

4. Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

Colaba Causeway having a huge number of items that range from small and sundry articles like beads, slippers, chains, faux leather purses and artificial jewelry to everyday commodities.

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source Stylewhack

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source India.com

5. Tibeten Market, Shimla 

The markets in Shimla are most amazing places to visit.This market is famous for woolen Clothes,boots etc.

Image result for Tibetan Market, Shimla 

source Hindustan Times

6. Commercial Street, Bangalore

It is known as the best business markets of the garden city banglore. It is most famous for college students.

Flea Markets In Indiasource Flickr

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