10 Erogenous Zones In A Man’s Body That Turns Him On

By | February 7, 2018
erogenous zones in man's body

Like women ,there are  erogenous zones in a man’s body that turns him on. Penis is  certainly the main but not only organ to both give and receive sexual pleasure.Other than the penis there are various zones which can make him go crazy in excitement.

Here Is The List Of 10 Erogenous Zones In A  Man’s Body That Turns Him On

1. Lips

erogenous zones in a man's body

A man’s lips are full of tiny tissues and it send tingles all over his body whenever he kisses someone.

2. Neckerogenous zones that turns him on

Neck is full of nerve endings and you can turn him in on by touching it with your hands,lips and tongue.Softly running your fingers and nails down the nape is a massive turn on.

3.Soles of feeterogenous zones in a man's body

A man has a higher concentration of nerve endings on their soles than a woman. Playing with these sends blood rushing through his veins.

4. Inner Thighs

erogenous zones in a man's body

A man’s inner thighs are so sensitive that the most unintentional stroke can give an unwanted erection.



erogenous zones in a man's body

The skin of armpits are extremely prone to sensations as it is very sensitive and  soft.

6. Earlobeserogenous zones in man's body

Gentle whispers excites a man.The earlobe is a super super sensitive area.Slipping your tongue can send him to heaven.


erogenous zones in a man's body

The skin on the thumb is slightly firmer than the fingers.When it is brought in contact with tongue sends interesting sensations.

 8.Scalperogenous zones in a man's body

Stroking a man’s hair gets him all excited. In reality its not the hair but your fingers touching his super-sensitive scalp sending ticklish sensations on his head.

 9.Back of the knees.erogenous zones in a man's body

The most unlikely spot but an important spot.Better keep it soft and simple as it is sensitive area unless you like scratches.


erogenous zones in a man's bodyA gentle biting and sucking is a perfect combination of pain and passion.Something which is perfection.

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