10 Curious Things You’ve Probably Never Had Time to Google

By | April 4, 2018

Our Google search is only limited by our imagination, there are still innumerable subtle things that are so common we know nothing much about them.

Here are few things you never googled but you were curious to know:

#Stem on a wine glass

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The stem on a wine glass is there so that the heat from your palm, while holding the glass.

#The right way to peel a banana

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Peeling a banana from its stem side is the right way to do it is known as the monkey method. This method involves pinching the other side of the banana gently so that the peel opens up and you can then peel it off.

#Barbie has got her middle and last name too

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Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Her parents are George and Margaret Roberts. Funny isn’t it.. a doll has a family too.

#Why are trailers called trailers if they’re shown before a film begins?

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It’s because originally they were shown at the end of a feature film screening, but the practice didn’t last long because patrons would leave the theater soon after the films ended.

#Why are plane windows rounded?

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Square windows have 4 corners means 4 weak spots, making them highly susceptible to cracking under stress. And actually the air pressure difference that the windows experience from inside to outside is enough of a stress, so it was decided to round the edges of the windows to evenly distribute the pressure and stress.

#Why are sneakers called sneakers?

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Sneakers got their name because their rubber soles do not make noise while walking. Genius mind isn’t it….

#Why are the keys on the keyboard not arranged alphabetically?

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When the typewriter was invented they had keys arranged alphabetically, but due to the position of certain alphabet pairs (s-h, t-h, e-a, e-i, o-u, and so on), the arms of the typist would get jammed. So they simply moved the problematic letters around. And the now infamous QWERTY layout was born! Now you know the reason.

#Little block of color near the sealed end of a tube

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These marks are known as eye marks. They are there so that on the production line the machine, with the aid of optical sensors, knows where a package needs to be pressed, folded, or cut.

#The USB logo

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It is modeled after the trident of Poseidon, the god of the Sea.. weird isn’t it?? how come any electronics to be associated with water. The central arrow represents serial data, the circle represents the voltage that USB works on (5V), and the square represents the ground voltage.

#Hole in the bottom of a padlock


#The small hole next to your phone camera

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It’s a microphone, just not your ordinary microphone. It records sound while you use the rear camera to make videos.

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