10 Bizarre Places All Across The world

By | October 22, 2018
Bizarre Places

There are places from around the globe that may not be haunted in the first place, but yes, are spooky, strange, weird and shocking. These places can make you question science. Here are the bizarre places on earth, and we bet you will be rushing to change your bucket list. Take a look!

#Die Rakotzbrück or Devil’s Bridge

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With its unique construction accuracy, the bridge and its reflection merging into a perfect circle, no matter where you see it from.

#Spotted lake Khiluk

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Each of these 365 spots holds a unique chemical content and is said to cure different diseases.

#The confluence of Rhone and Arve rivers

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These two rivers of Switzerland; one is blue and the other brown. They never fully mix due to the difference in density.

#Giant Crystal Cave at Naica Mine

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These huge shiny mineral pillars are enough to make you feel claustrophobic.

#Mt. Kelimutu

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The result of a volcanic eruption, there is three separate lakes, all of the different colors – black, blue, and turquoise.

#Salar De Uyuni in the Potosí and Oruro departments

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This is the world’s largest salt pan and also the world’s largest natural mirror.

#Lake Natron- Petrifying Lake

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Animals that die in this African lake are turned into statues, through calcification. The presence of huge volumes of sodium bicarbonate ensures they turn into mummies. Spooky!

#Jellyfish Lake

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This lake is a block full of harmless jellyfish. The lake comes under bizarre places.

# The Dead Sea

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The Dead Sea, a salt lake, will ensure you can float without any effort, due to the high volume of salt and other minerals in the water.

#Al Naslaa Rock Formation

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The perfect and uniform slit between the flat faces of these two standing stones.


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