10 Bizarre Pirate Traditions: Mysterious And Strange

By | February 3, 2018

Pirates were cruel, outrageous, and brave to the point of recklessness, but at same time they were disciplined and followed a set of strict rules and regulations.

Let’s figure out some interesting and weird things about Pirates:

1. Every pirate was missing an eye ?


Pirates wore eye-patches even with both eyes intact. Actually, the purpose of the eye patch wasn’t to hide a missing eye as much as it was to help improve night vision.

2. Pirate Earrings


Some pirates even got the name of their home port engraved on their earrings in the hopes that a kind soul would send their body home in case they die in any kind of accident.

3. Terror was the red flag, not black


If you saw a red flag, that would’ve been a sign of great danger. A red flag on a pirate ship was nothing less than death itself.

4. Loot consisted of booze and weapons


They loved booze and always needed weapons so these two things were on their priority list.

5. Pirates had their own lingo


The phrase “Three sheets to the wind” was coined by pirates and it’s still commonly used today to mean “to be drunk” and many of their phrases are still widely used.

6. There was a brigade of female pirates


There were also some women who preferred to dress like men and hide their identity. Anne Bonny and Mary Read, a popular pirate pair who went together on their pirate ship revenge in 1720.

7. Pirates had health insurance


When there wasn’t much advancement made in medicine, pirates made sure that if a member of their fleet was injured, he would receive benefits.

8. A secret drink created by pirates to cure diseases


A pirate version of Grog, for helping them avoid consuming salt water, worked as a cure for diseases too.

9. Pirates were disciplined


Pirates were practical and practiced lawfulness and they were more civilized than many of the commoners.

10. Pirates practiced gay marriage


The fact that there were usually only men on the deck led to this kind of practice. Some say that they gradually developed romantic relations too.This association between two men was called Matelotage.

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